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Jack Keane Sets Sail for North American PCs

Software publisher Strategy First and 10Tacle Studios, today announced that Jack Keane has dropped anchor in retail stores across North America. Imagine yourself shipwrecked on the rocky cliffs of a mysterious island, surrounded by carnivorous plants, excitable natives and ill-tempered primates – and you have scarcely scratched the surface of the newest and most unusual point-n-click PC adventure game available, Jack Keane.

In a peculiar turn of events, Jack finds himself on a mission to save the British Empire, and its tea supply from Doctor T. The hilarity ensues as players adventure through the vibrant breadth of Tooth Island, discovering exotic locations, mischievous animals and comical characters every step of the way. From London to Cape Town and across the High Seas, Jack Keane features hilarious interactive dialogue, challenging puzzles, cinematic interludes and a mad scientist’s army of trained apes out to rule the world.

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