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Jade Empire: Special Edition Available for PC Gamers

2K Games announced today that Jade Empire: Special Edition is now available in stores across North America and will be available on March 2nd internationally. Developed by BioWare, Jade Empire: Special Edition is an award-winning action-RPG that delivers an incredible story-driven game play experience with stunning high-resolution graphics and controls optimized for the PC.

In the ancient, mysterious world of the Jade Empire, players choose to act as a noble hero or treacherous villain by following the path of the “Open Palm” or the “Closed Fist.” Players will face powerful human and supernatural foes, learn magical martial arts and weapons styles, and discover the darkest secrets of the world. Jade Empire: Special Edition engages users with its rich story line and optimizes the gaming experience for PC gamers with an additional difficulty level, graphical upgrades, enhanced resolution and new content exclusively for the PC. In addition, the PC version features an exclusive art book and poster.