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Janitor Bleeds, an old-school survival horror game, was announced today

Janitor Bleeds

With PS1 retro vibes, Janitor Bleeds is a survival horror game that won’t leave you cold

Janitor Bleeds, a game developed by Bonus Stage Publishing in partnership with Korpus, will be released on PC and consoles early next year. Step inside the domain of an abandoned amusement arcade in Janitor Bleeds, and you’ll come across Janitor, an old arcade game that oddly urges you to delve further and deeper within itself. However, all players must be cautious since, at some point in the game, Janitor begins to take control of your life and the entire planet, and the only way to live is to locate some more money to continue playing it.

An old-school survival horror with PS1 vibes.

Korpus’ latest game is inspired by arcades and video games from the 1990s. The graphic design pays homage to the nostalgic vibes of old-school games from the PlayStation 1 era while being updated to contemporary standards.

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Janitor Bleeds is a survival horror puzzle game for those who enjoy survival horror and riddles. The game’s intriguing feature is that the fear evoked by the title bleeds into the actual world, creating a terrifying and thrilling setting in which to solve mysteries.

“Horror fans who have fond memories of spending time in arcades will love Janitor Bleeds.” Said Elias Massa, game designer at Korpues.

“As well as people who like to play games with concepts they haven’t quite seen before. We hope we have captured the mysterious atmosphere of the arcades of the past and will manage to take the players on an unforgettable journey. While terrifying the hell out of them, of course.” He added.

Bonus Stage Publishing will publish Janitor Bleed in 2022 for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. There’s a free demo available right now if you want to try Korpus’ new game.

Watch the demo trailer down below.