Jet Set Radio Future Review

Developer: Smilebit Publisher: Sega
Release Date: February 28, 2002 Also On: None

The GG’s are back in the long anticipated sequel of the Two Dreamcast hits Jet Grind Radio and Jet Set Radio, the original. All the old gang is back along with some fresh faces. Show the town that you’re in charge and the soul of it is in the beat of the music.

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JSRF playability is difficult in the beginning because it has a difficult learning curve. Some of the buttons are tricky and tricks are difficult to make. Once you get the hang of the controls its smooth sailing. This game is not for the younger people to play but more on the lines of teenagers so they can understand what is going on through the game.

The graphics are purely astounding. The characters have many details and move life like. The worlds are larger and have more detail then ever before. There are more people in the cities which react to what you do.

The games music is good, yet repetitive. The music ties in real well with the game but it gets annoying after a while. As for voice acting, it is half way decent but it could have been a lot better. Then again, this is more of a cartoon than real. This game is very creative. There is only one other game like it and that is the original. It’s a gang style game without the guns, only paint cans for graffiti, which makes this a great simulation.

People who enjoy extreme type games will like this game. It is a complete inline blading experience with skating on streets instead of parks. Other than that nobody else will really enjoy it the way others will. The life span of Jet Set is short after the game is beaten. The game has many unlockables, but it’s difficult to unlock them and you won’t want to do it. The game is only 8 hours long for the majority of gamers, meaning that it really is quite short.

Graphics: 9.5
Sound: 8
Gameplay: 8
Creativity: 9
Replay Value/Game Length: 8.5
Final: 9.2
Written by Shawn Review Guide

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