John Madden, the namesake of Madden NFL games, has passed away

John Madden

The Hall of Fame player, coach, and professional commentator is gone, but he leaves behind an enduring legacy in the video game industry.

Both the sports and video game industry is saddened today, as one of the figures who has transcended the world of sports and made history in the video game industry has departed from this plane. The NFL has shared yesterday through its networks that the legendary John Madden has passed away.

“More than a game.”

John Madden became the image of the well-known video game currently known as “Madden” in 1988 when the company Electronic Arts proposed to him the project that at first was limited due to the graphics limitations of the time. But after 30 years, John Madden now forms a very important part in the history of video games.

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The Madden NFL video game is one of EA Sports’ greatest assets. Madden himself helped to develop it, to perfect the gameplay and experience it offered. There is a before and after in sports video games, once he put his knowledge at the service of the programmers. Now after his passing, John’s name will be imprinted on this franchise for many years to come, making his legacy transcend the sport.

Madden’s history with football dates back more than a half century. He was the head coach of the Oakland Raiders from 1969 until 1978. The team won Super Bowl XI in 1977, the team’s first appearance in the Super Bowl since their loss in Super Bowl II when Madden was a linebacker coach.

After retiring from coaching, Madden began a career as a commentator that last until 2009. Throughout his lengthy career, he worked for every major television network: CBS, Fox, ABC, and NBC. During that time, he won 16 Sports Emmy Awards.