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John Wick Hex gets October release date

John Wick Hex is coming out on October 8, according to publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment.

John Wick Hex developer Bithell Games (VolumeThomas Was Alone, Subsurface Circular) describes the game as “fight-choreographed chess” that is “brought to life as an action-oriented timeline strategy game, capturing the series’ signature gun-fu fun and style.”

Basically, they’re trying to capture what the movie does best: action. And to do that, the developer worked closely with the stunt teams behind the film franchise.

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“Every move in John Wick Hex hits like a scene from the movies, letting you feel like the legendary assassin himself,” the developers say. “Each action you choose has risks and consequences, and each weapon changes the tactics at hand.”

The game uses a cel-shaded graphics design, which I’m cool with, but it may turn off some fans of the movie. Thankfully, they are using the likeness of Keanu Reeves for the main character.

More importantly, though, I am a little skeptical that they will be able to pull off the action sequences that made the movies so great. The gameplay that they’ve shown so far looks fairly promising, so that’s somewhat reassuring.

John Wick Hex is launching on PC and Mac as a one-year Epic Games Store exclusive.