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Monster's Domain

All players will get a sneak peak of the game before it is officially released. has announced that free playtests for Monster’s Domain will begin in February. All you have to do is join up for playtests on Steam and defend your realm from the incoming heroes in this action RPG.

Join the playtest and play for free

Monster’s Domain is an action role-playing game that will take you on a fascinating trip full of fun, exploration, fights, and monsters – but this time you’ll be on the side of the monsters! Say farewell to gleaming armor and valiant words. Your mission is to protect your dominion against invading heroes.

Monster's Domain

You’ll need to strengthen your armies, enhance them, and lay traps. Get new and better weapons for your monsters to help them combat the heroes more effectively. You’ll also have to pick up new abilities and techniques. Make use of everything that might assist you in luring your opponents into lethal traps.

The game’s playtests will begin on February 3. So don’t wait to join up for free playtests of this action RPG.

Watch the game trailer down below!