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Journey is out now on iPhone and other iOS devices

Few games in recent memory have left an indelible impression with me. One of them is Journey, the PS3 adventure game that was ported to PS4 and PC via Epic Games Store. It’s now available on iOS devices as well.

Journey is less like a traditional game and more like an interactive work of art,” I wrote in my review of the game.

“Yes, there is a main character that you control and a basic plot, but the game elements are so simple that it feels like your job is merely to guide the robed figure on a path that has already been predestined. Players are basically just following along for the ride. “

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And what a ride it is – one that I would gladly take again on the go now that it’s an option. Unfortunately, it does not appear that it will be coming to Android or Nintendo Switch.

Thatgamecompany’s co-founder and creative director, Jenova Chen, confirmed the news today via Twitter. The game goes for $4.99 in the App Store.