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Just Cause Demo Available for Download

The massive free-roaming action game, Just Cause is hitting stores September 27. For those of you who can’t wait, get a taste of the action early because the Official Demo for the Xbox 360 and PC will be available for download today. The Just Cause demo features an island one twentieth the size of the finished game, but do not fret, there is plenty to do. The demo gives you a first chance to liberate a village, assassinate some political leaders, and explore the beautiful island of San Esperito at top speed on a vehicle of your choice.

The full game will feature over 300 missions across 250,000 acres of paradise. It will also include the innovative feature of the grappling hook, a brand new method of transportation. Grapple on to the back of any moving car, bike, van, boat, helicopter or even fighter jet, deploy your parachute and catch some serious air. Then choose to parasail, parachute down or reel in your grapple to commandeer the vehicle Rico’s way.

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