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Just Geek has a new limited edition statue of Tyrant from Resident Evil

Resident Evil figure

A terrifying statue for diehard Resident Evil fans.

Just Geek is back on the scene. This time they bring us a statue of Tyrant, the creepy creature straight out of the Resident Evil franchise. With incredible detail, this new Tyrant statue is an excellent figure to have in your gaming room, living room, or even on your desk.

A striking statue

More and more Resident Evil merchandise is making its way to Just Geek. Among the flashy and personalized TUBBZ, sunglasses, mugs, and more, this new limited edition statue of Tyrant stands out. Tyrant T-002 appeared in the original Resident Evil on PS1 and the Resident Evil remake for GameCube.

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This Tyrant T-002 statue is 11 inches tall and has all the finishing details fans would expect, such as the colossal claw, mutant cell features, veins, and its attack posture. If you would like to get your hands on this limited edition statue of the Resident Evil Tyrant, you can do so here on the Just Geek website.

It’s worth noting that this is an officially licensed Resident Evil product. So it’s not a cheap knockoff.

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