Kaiju Wars
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Kaiju Wars release date announced for Steam

Kaiju Wars

The announcement was made during the MIX 10th Anniversary Showcase.

Kaiju Wars launches on Steam in April, according to indie studio Foolish Mortals. This ode to classic kaiju cinema is a mash-up of turn-based genre classics with a one-against-many twist, pitting players’ army against an imminent monster attack.

Defeat the Kaiju that are destroying the city

In this gorgeous 2D turn-based strategy game, you play as the militia in a kaiju movie. As the terrible kaiju get more dangerous with each attack, construct buildings and protect your city with cannon-fodder tanks, aircraft, and more.

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Kaiju Wars

Kaiju Wars places players in an uncomfortable position of stopping what feels like the inevitable. In classic kaiju style, the monsters attacking Floatio city are nearly unstoppable,” says Michael Long, CEO of Foolish Mortals.

“You have the technology to predict the kaiju’s next step, but even that can lead to overthinking and your undoing. We hope Kaiju Wars offers a truly fresh experience to the turn-based genre, while being fondly reminiscent of the kaiju genre the team appreciates dearly,” he added.

Destroy the five kaiju before they mutate

As the mayor of Floatio City, you will eliminate the Kaiju with the help of the town’s militia and strategically placed buildings. There are five different kaijus in Kaiju Wars, each specializing in a particular form of destruction. Furthermore, these terrifying beasts mutate. As each kaiju grows stronger and obtains lethal abilities thanks to mid-level mutations, players will quiver in fear.

Kaiju Wars launches on PC via Steam on April 28, 2022.

Watch the game trailer down below!