Kana Quest is a new puzzle game that teaches players the Japanese alphabet

Kana Quest

Kana Quest is a new puzzle game out today for PC via Steam. However, it’s not just any puzzle game. This one teaches players the Japanese alphabet.

“More than just a colorful puzzle game, Kana Quest uses kana (Japanese letters) tiles to create puzzles that teach the player the Japanese alphabet as they play,” developer Not Dead Design says.

Kana Quest uses repetition and puzzle game mechanics to teach and reinforce language skills. It’s both a game and an educational tool. Connecting all of the Kana with others that have similar sounds will solve the puzzle.

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“New characters and mechanics are introduced slowly alongside increasing difficulty that helps reinforce knowledge of Kana for players of all ages and levels of Japanese knowledge. Memorizing each character isn’t essential to complete a puzzle but can be the key to getting the highest possible score,” the developer adds.

All told, there are ten special types of kana on top of more than 40 individual kana tiles across over 300 challenging puzzles. Each of the tiles has its own personality and so do the 13 pixel-art worlds.

Kana Quest is available on Steam for $15. It will also be coming to iOS and Android devices later in 2020. Launch languages include English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese.

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