Keyword: A Spider’s Thread is a narrative cyberpunk thriller out now on Steam

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Keyword: A Spider's Thread

Indie developer City From Naught announced today that Keyword: A Spider’s Thread is out now on Steam.

Keyword: A Spider’s Thread is a new narrative thriller by City From Naught, an indie developer and publisher. In this game, you must rely on logical deduction, hacking, and social engineering abilities to solve difficult problems as the only way to recover your lost daughter.

A narrative cyberpunk thriller

Keyword, set in the near future of 2048 in a metropolis inspired by Toronto, combines cyberpunk with traditional Chinese style to create an unsettling and immersive atmosphere. You play as Guo, a father with a complicated background who must utilize all of his resources to find his daughter, Sala.

Solve issues like you would in real life, hack into emails and social media, and search the dark web for your daughter’s location, all while finding secrets in your own house. Binoculars may be used to spy on neighbors’ homes, uncover hidden adversaries, and scan the city of Toronto for vital clues and putting the puzzle pieces together.

Although the game graphics aren’t very appealing, the greatest part of the game is the puzzle design – by hacking social accounts to disclose the tale, combining a futuristic cyberpunk world setting with Buddhism philosophy, offering a non-stop engaging gaming experience.

If you want to try out the title, City From Naught has a free Steam demo where you may play the first 30 minutes for free.

Watch the Keyword: A Spider’s Thread release date trailer here on Game Freaks 365!