Kid Icarus: Uprising Medusa Trailer Released, First Review Published

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Nintendo released another trailer for Kid Icarus: Uprising, which glides to North American retailers in just a few weeks (March 23).

This new video shows off a bunch of action and gameplay footage featuring both ground and air combat. I still struggle to understand exactly what is happening (the gameplay always flashes by so quickly in all these trailers), but the game looks amazing nonetheless.

Taking a closer look at the trailer, you can really start to see how the revival of Kid Icarus on the 3DS stays true to the unique art style of the NES classic. The game is definitely colorful, and hopefully the lush environments and attention to detail will really spice things up. Here is the trailer:

Official Nintendo Magazine recently published the first review of Kid Icarus: Uprising, calling it a “remarkably beautiful game” and “a visual masterpiece on 3DS that routinely surprises with impressive, expansive and detailed sprawling landscapes.”

Anyone that has been following the game knows about its “light vs. dark” multiplayer component and adjustable difficulty options, and ONM’s review confirms that Kid Icarus: Uprising is hefty on content, describing it as “…deeper than most home console titles and more content-packed than any other 3DS game yet released…The single player campaign is huge, for a start, and it sits alongside two full-featured local and online multiplayer modes [offering] countless equippable weapons and powers that work across both.”

The author’s final score (91%) says it all, but another comment that stood out to me was, “Pit might’ve been sorry to keep us waiting, but this was a wait worth every second.”

I say bring it on, Nintendo – I am thrilled to play this one. What do you think? Are you picking up Kid Icarus: Uprising when it comes out later this month? Let us know in the comments section, and be sure to look for the full review on Game Freaks 365 shortly after launch.