Kingdom Hearts 3D: Ten Minutes of Glorious Footage

Square-Enix recently uploaded a 10-minute trailer showing off a plethora of gameplay footage from Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance for the Nintendo 3DS…you know, in case you were interested in that sort of thing.

You can check out the entire trailer below; just beware that this is a lot of footage, and might really steal some of the thrill of playing it for the first time. Also keep in mind that Square recently confirmed that anyone who pre-orders the game will also receive three special edition Kingdom Hearts AR cards – “while supplies last”.

In other words, after this ten-minute video, you might want to consider dropping the $5 for a reserved copy at your local GameStop, before all those AR cards are taken up:

So, amazing, right? Let us know what you think, and look forward to a review shortly after this one launches in a couple months.

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