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Kirby: Art & Style Collection, celebrating over 25 years of game history, is out now

Kirby: Art & Style Collection

Kirby has been around for more than a quarter-century. And while the pink puffball has some devoted followers, he’s a bit of an under-celebrated Nintendo icon. The Kirby: Art & Style Collection fixes that. It’s out now.

The new hardcover art book was released earlier this week. It features concept art, sketches, box art, and much more. It also has notes from the creators and artists who brought Kirby to life over all of these years.

You may recall that earlier this week, The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia launched on Kindle. And while there are plenty of books, cartoons, and movies for the Marios of the world, that’s not true for characters like Kirby. It’s nice to see the little guy get some love.

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The Kirby: Art & Style Collection is 272 pages long, so it’s a pretty hefty collection of artwork. Published by VIZ Media, it is available at Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers.