Knighty, a crazy fighting multiplayer game, was announced today

Participate in royal tournaments where only one can win.

The video game business is continually expanding, and more and more games are coming on the market from independent creators that are brave enough to offer their work to video game enthusiasts on a daily basis. Today, Blum, a new indie developer, unveiled their first title, Knighty. It is currently in production and will be published on Steam.

Turn yourself into the best knight in Squappet Kingdom

Knighty is a multiplayer title that allows you to compete in many exciting and wild events where you’ll test your abilities, earn points, face more difficult tasks, and avoid being eliminated in the process. Avoid obstacles, compete with others, climb to the top, and vie for the Knighty title.

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The Squappet Kingdom is riddled with perils and secrets that might derail the tournament’s contestants. When the time comes for a special event to take place, be prepared to satisfy its one-of-a-kind requirements. Completing these unique tasks will give you advantages in battle.

Despite the fact that no release date has been revealed, you may currently add the game to your Steam wishlist.

Watch the reveal trailer of the game down below!

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