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KOF 98 UM Final Edition got a big update today

KOF 98 UM Final Edition major update

A major update that aims to improve the online functions of the game for a competitive scene.

SNK has announced that the new major update for KOF ’98 UM Final Edition will be available today, an update that does not add new content to the game but brings a number of improvements to the online section in the face of a more fluid online multiplayer, paving the way for this title in the competitive scene.

One of the quintessential fighting games.

The King of Fighters ’98, or KOF ’98 to many, is a niche video fighting game that, as its name suggests, has left a significant mark in the history of video games thanks not only to the community behind it, but it is a game that, despite being designed exclusively for arcade cabinets, has had an extensive path through different console games in each and every generation to date.

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A step ahead of the rest.

KOF 98 UM Final Edition major update

The KOF ’98 UM Final Edition Steam version received an update today that focuses on three essential features of the online mode: netcode rollback, online lobbies, and spectator mode. SNK has discovered that many fans of the game continue to use platforms like Fightcade or Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) for online play and small tournaments that can be readily spectated and give an arcade-like gaming experience.

By incorporating rollback netcode, the update answers many players’ demands for a smoother online experience. It also has Online Lobbies that can hold up to nine players, as well as spectating mode, which allows fans to watch your friends battle. The second Community Beta test’s player feedback was critical in offering the finest online features possible.

Get into the rhythm with the original tracks.

This significant update also includes the KOF ’98 UM Final Edition OST in addition to the adjustments to the online mode. This features 63 tracks restored by the SNK Sound Team from the original NEOGEO KOF ’98.

KOF ’98 UM Final Edition is available for PC via Steam. The new Major update is completely free for all the players who already have a copy of the game.

Take a look of the new major update trailer down below.