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Kojima looks to blur the line between different media with his new game

Hideo Kojima 2022

After some statements with Famitsu and a tweet, we can say that Kojima will get down to work in 2022.

Hideo Kojima, the renowned video game creator in both the video game and film industries, has not revealed anything about his future game since Death Stranding. The guy behind legendary series like Metal Gear and Silent Hills has always been reticent when discussing his future projects, so much so that many felt he would retire from video games after Death Stranding.

But fans got a nice surprise to start 2022. Kojima confirmed that work has started on his next project.

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Kojima is back

Since the inception of Kojima Productions, the Japanese filmmaker has strived to portray the cinematic aspect of video games. He’s been doing it since the last Metal Gear and P.T., the demo of the abandoned Silent Hills project showed the cinematic side, but Death Stranding presents us to the true Hideo Kojima.

As usual, Famitsu annually presents certain comments and statements about the upcoming projects of the major Japanese studios that they make at the beginning of each year. Kojima has declared this year the following: “A big title, and a title that’s a new challenge. As the boundaries of entertainment disappear in the near future, I’d like to make this a year that we take a step forward into challenging different mediums and expressions.”

In addition to the recent establishment of a new studio in Los Angeles, Hideo Kojima said in a Tweet yesterday that this year he will begin development on a new game where experimentation will rule and would strive to blur the line that separates the many cultural sectors (film, music, video games, etc.).

Also, in the tweet, he adds that he may launch a new radio project this year. So perhaps there will be a Kojima Podcast? It would be intriguing to see if we could get a more intimate aspect of this renowned figure in video game history.