Kojima Talks Next-Gen; MGS4 PS3 Exclusive

Hideo Kojima, the world renowned developer of the Metal Gear Solid franchise has spoken to Famitsu, a Japanese magazine. “Metal Gear Solid 4 is only scheduled for release on the PlayStation 3 at the current time.”

He went on to say, “of course we could port it to other consoles, but doing so would require additional staff and research and development costs. If I were to make games for the Xbox 360 or the [Nintendo] Revolution, I’d rather create original titles that match each console’s audience, instead of the Metal Gear Solid series.”

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Looking at the three consoles, Kojima had this to say: “As a developer, I see the three consoles as different kinds of meals,” said Kojima. “The PlayStation 3 is a sumptuous feast for special occasions; the Xbox 360 is a fine Sunday dinner; and the Revolution is a rich, home-cooked supper.”

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