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Konami Announces Dewy’s Adventure Dropping on Nintendo Wii

Konami today announced Dewy’s Adventure, an original action title exclusively for the Wii from the producer that created the critically acclaimed Elebits. Dewy’s Adventure lets players use the Wii Remote to control the elements and manipulate the terrain of the game world as they help a small droplet of water save its home world from a mysterious dark force.

Dewy’s Adventure introduces players to a world where pure green forests flourished under the careful watch of the towering Elder Tree. However, a mysterious dark force known as the evil Don Hedron has taken hold of the Elder Tree and transformed the land into a gloomy world shrouded in shadows and fog. Using the last of its remaining power, the Elder Tree created a small droplet of water named Dewy and granted him the power of the elements with hope that he could overcome the evil Don Hedron and restore tranquility to the land.

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Taking advantage of the unique Wii Remote, Dewy’s Adventure grants players full control over the game world and the elements as they take control of Dewy and seek to overcome the evil Don Hedron. Players can tilt the Wii Remote to create inclines in the landscape, moving the droplet to precisely the right spot while rotating the environment to solve puzzles. Most often found as a small ball of water, Dewy can alter the temperature of his immediate area to transform into ice and mist. These transformations are useful in freezing or heating different parts of the world to solve puzzles and also to defeat the game’s fearsome enemies.

Players can also take control of the elements by using motion-specific gestures with the Wii Remote, such as shaking it to cause an earthquake, waving it to create gusts of wind or summoning blots of lightning while in mist form. Combined with Dewy’s three different forms and landscape tilting abilities, these skills provide players with extensive control over the environment and a great degree of freedom in approaching each of the game’s six stages.