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Konami Dancing in California Schools

Konami continues its fitness initiative in schools as its groundbreaking game series, Dance Dance Revolution, has become part of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s challenge among all k-12 schools to get California students healthy and fit. This highly acclaimed game will be part of an all-new fitness center presented to Los Angeles based Marvin Elementary School on Tuesday, September 18. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will also be on hand at the event with a ribbon cutting ceremony and walkthrough of the center that will feature Dance Dance Revolution and other physical activity equipment.

Dance Dance Revolution’s pioneering steps in taking video games and kids off the couch has been a continued success with programs such as the West Virginia Initiative where the game is currently a featured program in all 765 West Virginia Public Schools. Each version of the Dance Dance Revolution game has a unique workout mode that allows users to track calories burned and conduct their own fitness regimen. Dance Dance Revolution has additionally been part of numerous research studies on childhood obesity.

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