Konami Ships Dewy’s Adventure on Wii

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Konami today announced Dewy’s Adventure for Nintendo Wii is now available at retail outlets nationwide. The action adventure title offers players the chance to help Dewy, a small droplet of water, on his quest to fight off the evil Don Hedron by using the Wii Remote to control the environment and manipulate the terrain.

Multiple players can control the elements by using motion-specific gestures with the Wii Remote, such as shaking it to cause an earthquake, waving it to create gusts of wind, or summoning bolts of lightning while in mist form. Combined with Dewy’s three different forms and landscape tilting abilities, these skills provide players with extensive control over the environment and a great degree of freedom in approaching each of the game’s six stages.

“With the release of Dewy’s Adventure, the creative team behind Elebits has delivered yet another innovative title for the Nintendo Wii.” said Anthony Crouts, Vice President of Marketing for Konami. “An action adventure at heart, Dewy’s Adventure is a gem of a family-friendly game with an environmentally aware twist that is sure to please gamers of all ages.”

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