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Konami Ships Lost in Blue 2 on Nintendo DS

Konami today announced it has shipped Lost in Blue 2, exclusively for the Nintendo DS, to retail stores nationwide. Building upon the innovative survival adventure gameplay introduced by the first game in the series, Lost in Blue 2 lets players take on the role of two shipwrecked friends as they brave the elements, battle ferocious wild animals, and gather valuable items that will help them successfully escape the island and return to civilization.

Lost in Blue 2 follows Jack and Amy, young friends who are washed ashore on a tropical island when their cruise ship capsizes at sea. While planning their escape, the two must adapt to life on the island, collecting food and natural materials that can be fashioned into items. Players can choose to play as either Jack or Amy, each with their own set of unique survival skills. As they explore the island, Jack and Amy will need to control their hunger, stamina and thirst levels to ensure that they have enough energy to make it though each dense forest, rocky mountain pass and sandy beach. Featuring open-ended gameplay, players can actively choose to progress the game’s storyline and try to escape to civilization or remain on the island to explore its large areas, battle its native wildlife and make use of its natural materials.

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