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Kororinpa: Marble Mania Rolls onto Wii

Hudson Entertainment and Konami today announced Kororinpa: Marble Mania exclusively for the Wii has shipped to retail stores nationwide. With an inventive control scheme, Marble Mania offers a unique video game experience that is challenging for seasoned gamers, yet highly accessible for players of all ages. While tackling over 100 different obstacle-packed stages, players will experience non-stop action as they use the Wii Remote to twist, turn and bounce their marble around the game world.

In Marble Mania, players use 3D motion controls to tilt, spin and flip the environment on three axes and up to 180 degrees in order to guide marbles through each unique maze full of obstacles and contraptions. Adding to the innovative gameplay dynamic, players can gather crystals as they navigate through the maze to unlock new stages and unique marbles. Once each stage is completed, players can use other types of marbles – over 20 in the game with different characteristics and abilities – to retry levels, adding additional replay value.

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