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Kuma War Recreates Saddam Atrocities

Just last fall, Senator John Kerry, the decorated war veteran from Vietnam and 2004 Democratic nominee for president, was featured in a game from Kuma War. Fastforward to 2005, and Saddam Hussein is featured in a less-than-flattering game that “depict the events that ultimately led to Saddam Hussein’s trial.” While I wouldn’t want the developers at Kuma Reality preceding over my war crimes trial, I’m posting their press release anyway:

Kuma Reality Games, the company that utilizes video game technology to recreate actual military events, has launched a compelling interactive documentary series on Saddam Hussein. Over the next month, Kuma will launch new 3D episodes that are true-to-life and depict the events that ultimately led to Saddam Hussein’s trial, in which he pled ‘not guilty’ yesterday. Episodes are available for free download at Kuma War (www.kumawar.com).

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“The Crime of Dujail: Saddam’s Revenge,� which goes live today, spotlights the horrific events of 1982 for which Saddam Hussein is currently on trial for ‘crimes against humanity.’ Users will enter the Iraqi town of Al-Dujayl on the very day Hussein purportedly ordered the brutal attack that resulted in the public execution of 143 villagers, the death of 15 additional citizens and the imprisonment of more than 1,500 residents. Hussein is accused of orchestrating these attacks in response to an ambush attack on his motorcade, which is the focus of the re-creation.