Kung Fu Jesus arrives on Steam next week

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Kung Fu Jesus

Kung Fu Jesus is almost here. Get an early look at this mind-bending 2.5D brawler before it launches on Steam.

Kung Fu Jesus is a story-driven RPG beat ’em up with unlockable combos, special abilities, and three interlocking story paths. It takes players on a journey through the mind of a madman as he deals with his deteriorating mental state. 

A dynamic, funny, and psychedelic brawler

A comical look into the world of a person with schizophrenia who soon finds out that his reality is everything he has read about and more. The game will show you that what we once thought was conspiracy, myth, and legend is now the truth.

The game has psychedelic visuals and nearly 60 hours of gameplay. Expect three main story arcs with different choices for you to make during each playthrough. Mini-games and side missions are all unique to each arc and tie back to the core storyline.

“Unlike most brawlers, combos (which include grappling) are preferred over mindless punching and kicking,” the developer says.

Release date

Kung Fu Jesus is coming to Steam on May 27 for a discounted launch price of $12.74. On June 3, the game will return to its original retail price of $14.99. Celestial Gold Studios is also planning to release Kung Fu Jesus on both current and next-gen consoles in the future.

Watch the Kung Fu Jesus trailer down below!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6EQRO-op1s&w=1280&h=720]