Lake is an interactive story game coming soon to PC and Xbox Series X|S

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Gamious and Whitethorn Games have announced a new adventure game called Lake.

Lake is the next game by the small Dutch firm Gamious. It is described as a forthcoming slice-of-life interactive narrative game. It is coming soon to Xbox Series X|S and PC. Additional platforms will follow later.

Help Meredith to make her biggest life decision

In Lake, escape to a beautiful, rustic environment without cellphones and the Internet as you play the role of Meredith Weiss, a forty-year-old woman returning from the big city to her tranquil hamlet in 1986. She gives up her hectic work at a software business to help her father, the local postal carrier.

During her two-week stay in Providence Oaks, Oregon, she meets a few familiar acquaintances as well as a lot of new people. As Meredith, you get to choose who you chat with and who you befriend. Who knows? You may even develop a romantic connection with someone.

Big city or small-town life?

Interact with a variety of interesting characters, each with their own unique personality and idiosyncrasies. Choose after-work activities such as hanging out with friends, helping out neighbors, or staying at home and reading a book.

Whatever happens, at the conclusion of her stay, she’ll have to decide whether to return to her hard career in the large city or stay in the village where she grew up. You will assist Meredith Weiss in making the most important decision of her life.

Release date

Lake is coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 1, 2021. There are more console versions in the work to release later. We’ll let you know when we learn more.

Watch Lake‘s trailer here on Game Freaks 365!


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