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Lake is out now on Xbox Game Pass


Join Meredith Weiss in this relaxing interactive story in her hometown.

Lake, a peaceful interactive narrative developed by Gamious and Whitethorn Games, is now available for Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Meredith Weiss returns from the big city to her tranquil hometown in this slice-of-life interactive tale game. Meredith had to give up her busy profession at a software firm to fill in for her father, the local mail carrier, in order to return to her hometown. A tough decision that she had no idea would take her to the most important decision of her life…

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A journey back home

During her two-week vacation in picturesque Providence Oaks, Oregon, she bumps across some old friends as well as newcomers. We’ll be able to pick who Meredith talks to, who she hangs out with, and maybe even develop a love affair with one of them.


After living in a beautiful, rustic environment without cell phones and the Internet, while you hang out with your friends, help your neighbors, or stay home and read a book, you will have to make the most difficult and important decision of your life: should you return to the demanding job in the big city, or stay in the town where you grew up and have become accustomed to living again? Assist Meredith in making this critical decision.

Lake is now available for Xbox consoles and PC via Xbox Game Pass. Whitethorn Games and Gamious intend to release this game on more platforms in 2022.

Watch the game trailer down below!