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Land of Legends Review

Developer: Tiny Hero Game Studios Publisher: Shrapnel Games
Release Date: July , 2006 Also On: None

Lose 60 Pounds in 60 days, page 86. Get from Scrawny to Muscular, page 56. Get those Breasts Perkier, page 99. How to Look Cool for the Average Game Reviewer, page…ah man, it doesn’t exist. People today are just a little bit too focused on how we look than most things. Because of this, we tend to give preference to the pretty. The train of thought is if we associate ourselves with pretty things, we feel better looking ourselves. We only talk to the hottest women, we choose the cutest puppy in the pound, and feed the prettiest child. The same is true for the game industry. We have to get the game that simply looks the best rather than plays the best. Land of Legends by Shrapnel Games is one of those games.

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Land of Legends, when it comes down to gameplay, always reminds me of Advance Wars I/II. Both are tactic games where each mission has a specific victory condition. However, there are keen differences between them. One of the most noticeable differences is that there are 8 different races, as opposed to Advance Wars with many different armies who differ on the economic level. There are 32 missions (not counting the tutorial missions), each mission ranging from 10 minutes to around an hour. If you can do some math, there are 4 missions per race. You must complete 3 of the 4 missions for each race to unlock the first mission for the next race.

This allows the learning curve to be very fulfilling (which was one of the most satisfying learning curves in a 2D game that I happened to come across in a long time). One thing that was different was the ability to conquer cities. While you could easily conquer a city in Advance Wars as well, Land of Legends has a resistance feature built-in; the greater the resistance, the greater the influence.

Units in this game tend to have some special abilities. They range from Zombies, Knights, Wizards, etc. As far as multiplayer goes, if you can find someone to play with, it’s pretty entertaining. If you have ever played Advance Wars’ multiplayer, it is just as fun as that. Games range from 10 minutes to sometimes even 2.5 hours. Overall, the gameplay’s highlights are its length, learning curve, interesting units and its decent multiplayer.

The real problem is with the game is with antiquated graphics and audio. Honestly, I felt like I was playing a GBA game. The game is 2D, so if you are not interested simply on the graphical level, I’d suggest you pass. However, due to these antiquated graphics and sounds, Land of Legends has a genuinely fun gameplay value.

A large problem with Land of Legends was that, while fun, it felt like an unoriginal game. I made constant connections to Advance Wars, which is not a good thing, because I was looking for a completely original experience. The game is fun and if you can put up with its unoriginality as well as its sub-par graphics and audio, then you might want to put down 10 bucks and get this game.

Graphics: 5
Sound: 6.5
Gameplay: 8
Creativity: 6
Replay Value/Game Length: 8
Final: 7
Written by Simon Review Guide