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Last Soul, action-platformer, is coming next year

Last Soul

Last Soul is soon to be launched on Kickstarter for pre-orders and early fan bonuses.

Last Soul, Bonus Stage Publishing and Wulum’s new speedrunners’ favorite action platformer with slo-mo talents, will be published globally in Q2/2022 for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Last Soul is an action-packed shooting platformer starring BOP, the world’s last remaining soul battling Cyber-Being.

A new platformer with retro influences.

You play as the charming but strong BOP, and your jetpack, shields, and bullet time pack a tremendous punch against the evil powers attempting to kill even the last of the remaining souls.

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Last Soul’s enormous universe is influenced by Star Wars, Tron Legacy, Mario, Sonic, and Megaman, as well as Neon Abyss, as seen in the visuals and felt in the soundtrack.

“I took the time to study the ‘Hero with a thousand faces’ (by Joseph Campbell) and set the basis for my game story. The Last Soul includes a hero which is moved to an adventure that he doesn’t want; a closing partner that he needs to achieve his destiny; a powerful enemy with a basic conflict with the hero; a master that teaches the hero the truth; and many other equally important elements”, says Tony Munoz, the lead developer of Wulum.

Kickstarter campaign.

The game will soon be available for pre-order and early fan goodies on Kickstarter. The campaign is expected to begin in October, and pre-registration is currently open. There are approximately 600 pre-registered fans in line, as well as nearly 20,000 gamers in the Last Soul prologue.

Last Soul will be released on all major platforms in the second quarter of 2022.

Watch Last Soul’ teaser down below.