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Telltale Games today announced that the episodic interactive crime-drama Law and Order: Legacies is now available for PC and Mac. Based on the Emmy-winning TV series, Law and Order: Legacies allows players to work cases as both investigators and district attorneys alongside the full roster of fan-favorite characters from the Law and Order franchise. The PC and Mac version is available for immediate purchase and download at the Telltale Games website for $19.99. Players will receive the first three episodes of Law and Order: Legacies with the subsequent four episodes releasing soon thereafter.

Law and Order is TV’s top rated and longest-running police procedural drama consisting of storylines based on real-life crimes set against the distinctive backdrop of different law enforcement units. Law and Order: Legacies includes the likenesses of iconic Law and Order investigators including: Lennie Briscoe, Rey Curtis, Olivia Benson, and Jack McCoy for a Law and Order “Dream Team” of characters both past and current.

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