Leaked Godfall trailer is real gameplay footage on PC, not PS5, developer confirms


A leaked trailer of the upcoming PC and PS5 game Godfall is authentic, although the gameplay footage is a year old. That’s according to the game’s official Twitter account.

The leaked trailer first appeared on Reddit. It gives us an early look at what the next-generation of gaming might look like.

[Godfall] [Video] – Full Internal Early 2019 Teaser. Metacritic Journos Scores are a Joke, No this Teaser does not Represent the End Quality. Remember “Get woke go broke” from r/PS4

Obviously, though, stuff like this is unfortunate for developers who have put potentially years into a project, only to have an unauthorized leak. At least the game looks good!

Godfall was announced at The Game Awards in December as the first third-party game for PlayStation 5. You can compare the leaked trailer to the reveal trailer, which we have embedded below.

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