Legend of Zelda: Legendary Edition manga box set comes with five hardcover books

The Legend of Zelda: Legendary Edition Box Set

Akira Himekawa’s The Legend of Zelda manga adaptations are getting a limited edition hardcover box set. It’s coming to the US in October.

The hardcover manga collection is currently available for pre-order at a special 36 percent off discount. While it normally retails for $125, you can get it for $79.50 right now. That price is about the same as the paperback collection.

The Legend of Zelda: Legendary Edition Box Set is coming on October 20. The set comes with the previously-released Zelda manga bundled together in five separate hardcover books.

The Legendary Edition Box Set includes Ocarina of TimeOracle of Seasons & Oracle of AgesMajora’s Mask & A Link to the PastThe Minish Cap Phantom Hourglass, and Four Swords.

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