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Legends of Runeterra Dark Star Shyvana

Riot Games has announced that Champion skins are making their way to Legends of Runeterra in patch 2.8, fulfilling one of players’ most popular requests.

“Champion skins are a new way to personalize your favorite decks,” Riot Games says. “Equipping a champion with a skin will alter the art for all copies of each of that champion’s levels, as well as their accompanying flavor text.”

“Some skins can even change the appearance of a champion’s summoned units, and can even grant entirely new level-up animations. Each skin’s effects are listed out on their Store page, so players can see exactly what they’ll change before making a purchase,” the company adds.

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This first set of Champion skins, four in total, are based on fan favorites from League of Legends’ Cosmic Skin and Dark Star skinlines.

  • Cosmic Zephyr Yasuo (pictured below)
  • Cosmic Exile Riven
  • Dark Star Zed
  • Dark Star Shyvana (pictured above)

Patch 2.8 drops on May 19, 2021. Legends of Runeterra is a free-to-play card battle game from the developers of League of Legends.

Cosmic Zephyr Yasuo Legends of Runeterra

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