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Legends of Runeterra: Call of the Mountain expansion, roadmap announced

Legends of Runeterra: Call of the Mountain expansion, roadmap

Legends of Runeterra: Call of The Mountain was announced today as the first expansion for the digital collectible card game.

According to Riot Games, Call of the Mountain brings Mount Targon to Legends of Runeterra as a brand new region. The first expansion in the multi-part set adds 89 cards, with 7 champions as well as new modes and cosmetics.

The company also laid out a roadmap for a set of two more expansions that are yet to come. The next two expansions within the set add 40 cards and 3 champions each. The second expansion is planned for October. The third expansion is planned for December.

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On August 11, Riot says that it will begin to reveal cards for the set on its various social media channels. The first expansion launches on August 26. A new ranked season also kicks off on that date.

Legends of Runeterra is a strategy card battle game set in the world of League of Legends. It launched in May to positive user reviews. Our own Andrew McKissock called it “a surprisingly good free-to-play game” in his review.

Watch the latest trailer below!