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Legends of Runeterra ‘Cosmic Creation’ expansion launches December 16

Legends of Runeterra Cosmic Creation expansion

Riot Games says the newest expansion in the Call of the Mountain set, Cosmic Creation, is coming to Legends of Runeterra on December 16.

Cosmic Creation is the third and final expansion of the Call of the Mountain set. It adds 40 new collectible cards to the game, including three new champions. It also includes a new keyword, card customization options, new cosmetic items, and more.

New Keyword: Augment

Followers with Augment get a permanent +1|+0 bonus any time a ‘created’ card is played after they’ve been summoned. Created cards are any cards created by another card – whether it’s invoked, created in your deck and then drawn, or directly created in-hand. Some text has been updated on existing cards to clarify what’s considered as a ‘created’ card.

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New Champions

Cosmic Creation includes three new champions:

Riven (Noxus) – Reforge the shattered Blade of the Exile to grant powerful effects to Riven and her allies. Destroy the enemy’s Nexus with overwhelming power.

Viktor (Piltover & Zaun) – Join the glorious evolution and upgrade Viktor with new keywords every round. Conquer the board with an army of augmented followers of Viktor’s own creation.

Zoe (Targon) – Zoe makes the universe just a little less predictable by invoking, copying, and creating an endless cycle of low-cost cards. Rapidly play new cards to permanently alter the match, and buff up your board with every newly-summoned ally.

New Cards

In addition to the new champions, Riot Games says that it is packing in a total of 40 new cards. The cards include:

  • 10 each for Targon, Noxus, and Piltover & Zaun (including 1 champion each), and 2 each for the remaining regions.
  • 5 cards with Augment
  • 5 new Landmarks (card type introduced last expansion)