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Legends of Runeterra: Empires of the Ascended expansion out now

Legends of Runeterra: Empires of the Ascended expansion

Riot Games launched the Legends of Runeterra: Empires of the Ascended expansion today.

As we previously reported, Empires of the Ascended brings 110 new cards to the popular, free-to-play digital collectible card game. The expansion includes nine champions. It also has a new region, Shurima, a vast, mystical, ancient, brutal desert-like land that was once home to the most powerful empire on Runeterra.

“We’re so excited to finally be launching Empires of the Ascended!” says the expansions design lead, Mark Sassenrath. “The team put a ton of work into this patch: an entirely new region, keywords, amazing level up cinematics, our first 2v2 Lab, and more. We can’t wait to see what kinds of awesome new decks and plays come out of this new expansion.”

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What’s in the new expansion?

Empires of the Ascended’s 110 cards feature:

  • Nine new Champions: Azir, Jarvan IV, Kindred,  Lissandra, LeBlanc, Nasus, Renekton, Sivir, and Taliyah.
  • A new region, Shurima: The empire of Shurima stands strong once again in Empires of the Ascended, and revolves around a theme of ascension and inevitability. The power of the great Sun Disc can raise the powers of Shurima’s Ascended champions by unbelievable magnitudes… but only if it can be restored from ruin.
  • Three New Keywords: Countdown, Predict, and Reputation.
  • New Lab –  United Front PvP: Players will need to work together to achieve victory in these 2v2 tag-team battles.
  • Event pass: Play games to earn Sun Discs and unlock more rewards, including Shurima-themed Guardian variants, Emotes, Card Backs, Prismatic Cards, and more! 
  • New cosmetic items: Players can now unlock emotes and card backs featuring new champions as well as Shumira-themed board.

The last expansion, Cosmic Creation, launched in December 2020. Riot also announced late last year that the game would feature bi-monthly tournamentsLegends of Runeterra launched last year on Android and iOS devices as a League of Legends spinoff.