LEGO NES set lets you load a cartridge and ‘play’ Super Mario Bros

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LEGO today confirmed the existence of the LEGO NES set. What we didn’t know is what exactly the set will allow you to do. And it’s pretty neat.

Yesterday, we reported on the 2,500+ piece toy set and showed a leaked image of the box. LEGO’s official Twitter account teased gamers with a darkened video while asking fans: “Are you ready to play like never before?”

Today, LEGO revealed that the set is indeed real. Fans will be able to build a Nintendo Entertainment System, a game cartridge, a classic NES controller, and a CRT television with LEGO bricks. The set coincides with the 35th anniversary of the NES in North America.

Plus, the LEGO NES set has a few extras that we did not know about before. For instance, the LEGO brick cartridge actually pops into the replica NES. Also, the retro-style television has a hand crank that lets you ‘play’ a level in Super Mario Bros. Is that cool or what?

LEGO Super Mario Starter Course

In addition, we learned that the LEGO Super Mario Starter Course will tie into the LEGO NES set. The Mario-themed LEGO line was revealed back in March and launches on August 1 for $59.99.

You can put the LEGO Mario on top of the television set and watch him react to the game’s enemies, obstacles, and power-ups, all while the original game’s theme song plays.

My Take

My hat goes off to LEGO and the creators who imagined this product. The company really outdid itself with this toy set. The attention to detail is undeniable.

However, this is probably a toy that dads nostalgic for the NES days are going to enjoy more than their Gen Z kids who grew up playing PlayStation. Still, it’s a great collector’s item.

What do you think of the just-announced features for the LEGO NES set? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!