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Lemmings documentary is coming soon to celebrate game’s 30th anniversary

Lemmings 30th: Can You Dig It?

A new documentary will shed light on the history of the classic Lemmings while interviewing the original game’s creators and super fans.

Developed in Dundee by DMA Design, Lemmings was initially released in 1991 for the Commodore Amiga by Liverpool-based Psygnosis and has subsequently found its way to numerous more platforms, including Sony’s PlayStation. Most recently, it came to mobile.

Exient announced in August that a documentary based on this classic title will be arriving at our screens in the fourth quarter of the current year. The upcoming full-length documentary ‘Lemmings 30th: Can You Dig It?‘ delves into the legacy of the classic as it celebrates its 30th anniversary.

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A classic that truly deserves a documentary

“We’re excited to help to celebrate the 30th birthday of Lemmings, which has to be one of the most-loved games ever made,” said Jamie Wotton, Creative Marketing Manager at Exient.

“It’s a game that has touched the hearts of so many fans, old and new, so with the documentary we want to give them something special in recognition of the impact Lemmings has had on global games and games culture,” he added.

Lemmings players can already celebrate the game’s 30th anniversary with exciting new material released every month for the mobile game, which is accessible for iOS and Android devices. Lemmings Mobile, released by Exient in December 2018, updates the original ‘90s platform experience, tasked with preserving the cute animals as they hunt for a new home in the face of environmental disaster.

Watch the documentary’s teaser trailer down below!