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Lemnis Gate Update 1.3 is here with new content and improvements

Lemnis Gate Update 1.3

This new update brings lot of new changes to Frontier Foundry’s combat strategy shooter.

Frontier Foundry announced today that Lemnis Gate has received a new update. The free 1.3 update adds new content to Lemnis Gate as well as several bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Also, before I mention the most important changes in this update, the 2v2 ranked mode (widely used by players) is active again. So you and a friend can team up against each other in the time loop for competitive action.

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New map and skin

The new XM Recovery Map, The Nest, is perhaps the highlight of Update 1.3. The Nest is perched on the lip of a gigantic impact crater under a shattered moon.

This architectural structure, Redwood, is the future home of an experimental retrieval and delivery system, which will furnish Earth with a continuous stream of raw exotic matter. Its components are extremely similar to the Call of Duty map. It’s up to Lemnis Industries operators to pick up and bring the XM back home till it’s done. They listened to the community, who requested a fresh map with plenty of places to hide as well as plenty of potential for ambushes.

Following The Nest is the latest Botler skin for KARL. This new skin comes in two color versions that will transform KARL into a very fashionable robot with a large mustache and a jaunty bowler hat.

Bug fixes and quality of life improvements

With the release of version 1.3 comes support for NVIDIA DLSS, which will improve performance in Lemnis Gate for those with NVIDIA RTX GPUs. Furthermore, DLSS will boost the frame rate while maintaining unrivaled visual quality, which will be appreciated in this fast-paced title.

Lemnis Gate Update 1.3

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Because the game is so fast-paced, one of the most critical aspects for Frontier Foundry to enhance is the Motion Sickness fixes the game requires. The camera’s jumping, landing, acceleration, and deceleration movements are now tied to the ‘Head Bob’ settings slider and may be changed or deactivated altogether. With this option activated, each player may customize the game to their liking.

A bug in Training Mode when switching from Drone Recon to a dead operational respawn has been fixed; an issue where the player could fall through the map and potentially cause a crash has been fixed; servers have been improved in response to issues that have arisen since update 1.2. Many new major fixes were made to all available maps in the game.

Lemnis Gate is available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. It launched in September. And if you haven’t already done so, read our full review!

Watch the new update trailer down below.