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Let’s Play Inside on Xbox Series X


Enjoy 15 minutes full of tension inside a post-apocalyptic setting.

Few indie 2.5D exploration games have managed to stand out since many follow a very similar line, taking references from big franchises in the industry. But, the indie studio Playdead has managed to deliver two titles that border on perfection.

One of these games is Inside, a 2.5D platformer that in 2016 broke records for the great acceptance of the public. Today we decided to revisit this work. Therefore, we bring you the first 15 minutes of gameplay on Xbox Series X. A little preview? A masterpiece of video games.

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A must-play game

After Limbo, Playdead continued with this 2.5D platformer that worked so well in their first game. Even so, they sought to take this ideology of well-crafted simplicity much further. Therefore, when we start Inside, we immediately find ourselves in a forest without any game interface. Simply the forest with a tetric aesthetic accompanied by a character of which we know nothing yet about him.

During these 15 minutes, Playdead has managed to maintain this atmosphere with a unique and gloomy personality. Even, from the beginning, they have managed to transmit that post-apocalyptic essence that differentiates this title from Limbo. It’s an environment where we must use the elements of the terrain to solve each of the puzzles.


The gameplay borders on perfection since it feels very natural. Even, in some moments of the beginning when you were in the forest, it made you feel like you are the one being chased by both soldiers and dogs. Undoubtedly, a different aspect that makes it stand out from any other platformer of the same genre.

These first 15 minutes of gameplay simply leave you wanting to play more. And with good reason, this game has received glowing reviews from some of the best video game websites. If you haven’t experienced this masterpiece yet and you have an Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, you can get Inside free with Xbox Game Pass. You can also get it for free with PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium on PS4 and PS5. We highly recommend you give this video game masterpiece a chance.

Check out the first 15 minutes of Inside gameplay below!