Let’s Try De Blob 2 on Xbox Series X

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De Blob 2

It’s been a while since Blue Tongue Entertainment released De Blob 2. But now that we have new hardware out, I wanted to try it out on Xbox Series X to see how it plays.

The short answer is that it holds up surprisingly well. The graphics will not blow you away, but they do look decent for their time. The frame rate holds steady and there are plenty of vibrant colors.

I was a fan of the original De Blob when it came out on Wii, so I wanted to give this a try. I got it for free as part of the Xbox Live Games with Gold September 2020 lineup. And while it’s certainly not a AAA title, it is good family-friendly fun.

By the way, the game has since been ported to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. This is not that version. This is the Xbox 360 version running on Xbox Series X using the system’s backward compatibility feature.

Watch me play De Blob 2 on Xbox Series X below!