Let’s Try Disney Speedstorm

Disney’s Mario Kart is finally coming to Early Access.

Disney, even though they don’t seem to be very present in video games, is starting to make its impact known. Since practically the beginning of video games, Disney has always tried to bring our favorite characters from their movies to video games. This year alone, they have brought us Disney Dreamlight Valley and Disney Speedstorm.

However, what has recently come out of Disney is a great bet. Disney Speedstorm, after many delays, has become a reality. Therefore, today we bring you a Let’s Play of this game that shares a lot of similarities with Mario Kart.

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A very fun and dynamic game

Usually, games that copy others so clearly don’t turn out so well. We are not only talking about numbers but also the final result. However, Gameloft has managed to bring many Disney characters to the kart racing genre. It looks like it will prove a success.

For those who do not know the game, Disney Speedstorm presents a racing game with mechanics similar to the popular Mario Kart games. But, in this case, we will take great Disney and Pixar characters like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Hercules, Mulan, Jack Sparrow, Belle, Beast, and more.

But they haven’t just added popular characters. Also, the game’s scenarios are set in incredible Disney movies. And this is what we have been able to see in this Let’s Play video. Following gameplay very similar to the Nintendo game, Disney Speedstorm will not be strange to anyone.

Even the characters’ abilities, power-ups, and the game’s graphics give Disney Speedstorm a unique essence. Perhaps the game will not be as successful as other free-to-play games in the genre. However, for all those Disney fans who don’t have a Nintendo Switch, they will be able to play an incredible kart racing game on virtually every platform.