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Let’s Try Drake Hollow: Hands-on with the village-building action game

Drake Hollow

The makers of the indie survival game The Flame in the Flood are back with their latest title, Drake Hollow.

I recently had a chance to play over thirty minutes of the game and wanted to share some brief thoughts (and also share the actual gameplay). So without further ado…

What is Drake Hollow?

This is an action village-building game from indie developer The Molasses Flood. For my brief playthrough I played alone, but apparently it will also support online co-op. And I imagine that it will be more fun to play with other people.

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The game starts with a create-a-character setup that lets you choose between male and female characters. After this, you basically get thrown into the action. A mysterious crow invites you to step across a boundary between two parallel worlds. For some reason, your character listens to the talking bird and crosses into The Hollow.

The Hollow is a blighted mirror of our own world. You quickly come into contact with both enemies and friendly characters known as the Drakes. The goal of the game is to build, maintain, and defend villages for the Drakes. As you’ll see in the playthrough, the game combines third-person combat with exploration, crafting, and building.

Watch my playthrough below!