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Let’s Try Scorn on Xbox Series X

Let's try Scorn on Xbox Series X

Scorn is one of the biggest Xbox Series X games of the year. We try it out.

It’s almost Halloween. So fans of horror games should be excited to hear that there’s a new horror game out now on PC and Xbox Series X|S. The game launched a week early, and you can play Scorn for free with Xbox Game Pass subscriptions.

Since everything that I have seen about this game looked interesting up until this point, I wanted to check it out as soon as it came out. Well, now that it is out, I fired up my console, downloaded the game, and started to play the early part of the game.

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This let’s try gameplay video looks at the first 20 minutes including the first major puzzle. The atmosphere is as moody as we expected, although the gameplay is more on pace with a puzzle adventure game like Myst and less like a Resident Evil game.

My early impressions of the game are that if you own an Xbox Series X or S and subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, you should at least try Scorn. It has received mixed reviews with some loving it and some hating it. So I recommend watching our let’s play video below to see if it interests you.

Watch our let’s try video below!