Let’s Try Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo planned to have a perfect launch. In the end, it wasn’t quite perfect

It’s already common to see “Souls-like” games in the industry. This innovative genre that FromSoftware introduced back in the day has revolutionized action games. It has even reached the point of becoming a genre of its own. That’s why Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo sought to use all their experience in action and hack ‘n slash games to offer a “Souls-like” game that would surprise all fans. So let’s try Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

After a long wait, finally Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has become a reality on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. It also launched day one on Xbox Game Pass. With a very attractive format, a story that will hook you, and a seemingly appealing design, both companies planned to have a perfect launch. But after playing for a couple of hours, we found some technical and performance problems.

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A “souls-like” with a good design, but a bit “too easy” for those gamers who are fans of the genre

Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo have always known what they do with their games. Both companies are known for great titles in the action genre. In fact, many gamers will agree that franchises like Ninja Gaiden should be in the video game hall of fame. Therefore, expectations for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty were very high.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

In the gameplays shared by these companies, they gave the feeling that they would be a great competitor for the genre. The fluidity of the attacks, the enemies, and more, gave to think that it would be a total success. After the launch, both Steam and social networks were plagued with mixed reviews. But, many of them spoke of a common problem: technical problems, performance, and control.

From a blog on the Internet, they have shared a series of failures that were present on PC. Among the most common problems is the impossibility to play with a keyboard and mouse, the lack of many graphic settings, a “best performance” mode by default as if it were a console, shader compilation errors due to the use of UE5, and other problems. These problems may possibly be solved with future updates to the game.

Still, we wanted to try it for ourselves. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has decent controls on consoles and an interesting story. Plus, it’s free to play with Xbox Game Pass if you have an active subscription. So there is no harm in trying it out.