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Lieberman Loses Re-Election Bid

Senator Joseph Lieberman, an outspoken critic of video games, lost in Tuesday’s Democratic primary election to little known businessman and political newcomer Ned Lamont 52% to 48%. The election rode largely on Lieberman’s support of the Iraq War and President Bush. Ned Lamont will be the Democratic Senate candidate in Connecticut on November 7, but a defiant Lieberman plans to run as an “independent Democrat”, despite the loss Tuesday.

Despite support from Washington Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer, Lieberman appears ready to lose all of that support after Tuesday’s loss. “This was an election by over 250,000 Democrats. This wasn’t a backroom deal,” said Nancy DiNardo, the Democratic state chairwoman. “This was an exciting election. The Democratic Party has spoken.” Lieberman sees things differently: “I can not and will not let that result stand,” he said.

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“As I see it in this campaign, we just finished the first half and the Lamont team is ahead. But in the second half our team, Team Connecticut, is going to surge forward to victory in November,” Lieberman said. Then he shouted, “Will you join me?” Lamont’s victory speech responded to Lieberman’s vow to run as an independent by calling on party unity. “I’m hoping, that over the next few days that he will come to the conclusion that the party is going to stick together and go forward united.”