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Lightyear Frontier

Revealed at the ID@Xbox Twitch showcase, Lightyear Frontier lets players get in your mech to cultivate alien plants, domesticate wildlife, endure the elements, and build your new home away from home.

Lightyear Frontier is an open-world farming exploration game with a mysterious story and cosmic country music. The game, which is set to delight farming and exploration/crafting lovers equally, is being developed and published by Frame Break and Amplifier Game Invest. It is coming later this year for PC in Early Access and Xbox platforms.

Mechs cultivating plants and domesticating wildlife

With a 4-player co-op game, the game allows you and your buddies to produce a cornucopia of cosmic resources and use your fresh harvest to upgrade your mech equipment.

You’ll soon be able to produce uncommon plants and visit previously inaccessible regions as you become a seasoned farmer with a beefed-up mech. Maybe you’ll even solve a mystery on this strange world.

Lightyear Frontier‘s alien planet is yours to shape and alter, combining agricultural elements with crafting, resource management, and base building. While you will be safe on this new planet (thanks to the advice of PIP-3R, your trusted scanner satellite), your crops will require all the assistance they can get: from dealing with the ever-changing weather to keeping the local wildlife at bay, you will need to take a few precautions to protect your home on this new frontier.

During the development of Lightyear Frontier, the developers will work with the community. The game will be released soon on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. An exact release date was not announced.

Watch the Lightyear Frontier reveal trailer down below!


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