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Listen to the Glorious GoldenEye 007 Uncompressed Soundtrack


Goldeneye 007 has been out for nearly twenty years now. I know, that alone is crazy. Widely considered one of the best video games ever made, Goldeneye made a distinct, lasting impression on the console shooter genre.

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Yet the game was hindered by the technology of the time. If you compare an emulated version of the game to the original, it looks like night and day. The N64, like its other contemporaries, only output at 240/288p for most games due to hardware limitations.

The same can be said of the sound. Grant Kirkhope composed an original score with inspiration from past Bond movies. The result was a brilliant piece of art that sadly was compressed to fit the N64’s tiny cartridge. Amazingly, Goldeneye 007 only takes up about 10MB of space.

Thankfully, the soundtrack lives on in its uncompressed glory. It has made its way to YouTube via the Video Game Tracks channel. Check it out below: